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boycott de Gianfranco Vissani  (Magà Ettori - Blog)On August 19 guest on the program  » In Onda  » on the Italian channel LA7, star chef Gianfranco Vissani said: « Vegans are a cult, they are as Jehovah’s Witnesses,  » before outright call to genocide:  » and i do mean vegans and vegetarians not. What I would do with vegans? I will kill them all.  »

It is always surprising that a public figure can freely express such a fabric of untruths and stupidities on a television channel without risking any prosecution.

While on set, the other leaders have been outraged by his comments, asking him not to say « such nonsense on TV. » la7 has not taken the trouble to apologize about the guest. It is always surprising to hear the voice of pride, the voice of demagoguery, the voice of intolerance called genocide. Gianfranco Vissani which is to assume the right to judge, the right to kill? Gianfranco is Vissani for its media-culinary delusions taints honor of millions of people on the planet? No one ! An epiphenomenon with a microphone that handed him la7. The chain thus has its share of responsibility in the case.

The About Gianfranco Vissani are unworthy of interest. They invite at most to question the risks of a cook when they are overexposed media-and when they attend too hard slaughterhouses. The work of the meat, chopping and cutting of animal flesh does not appear to be without consequences for the intellectual capacities of those who practice intensively. Unless we reverse the problem. Criminologists often emphasize the link between violent behavior and maltreatment of animals.

Unless the violence and vulgarity of about Gianfranco Vissani, is that a search of media buzz. The former star of Italian TV of the 90s for so long wanders through the maze of reality TV, that his judgment is necessarily altered.

Whatever the causes of its skid, our first reaction is to boycott all commercial activities Gianfranco Vissani (restaurant, TV shows, books, …). He was disqualified by his comments outrageous and call for murder. You can not stigmatize and discriminate against millions of people, put a target on the back of a community without paying the consequences.

It is time to react. We know that if Gianfranco Vissani is not isolated. The végéphobe speech intensified on all continents. Stigma, exclusion, caricature or inferiority of people practicing vegetarianism, veganism and antispécisme are becoming more common in Europe in the United States, passing through Asia and peak Everest.

These practices are all carried by industrial lobbies that profit from animal exploitation, by the ignorance of many.

Those who denounce this race for profit, those who reject the cynical exploitation of the weak, those who assert the convergence of struggles between the release of humans and nonhumans, those who refute the plundering of natural resources, these are systematically marginalized and excluded.

Laws are passed every day between oneself, on five continents to protect the interests of industry. Laws like the one that would make the vote Congresswoman Elvira Savino to stigmatize a community in Italy and could come back like a boomerang on the plate industrial. Muddy and xenophobic laws today are echoes in Italy, but not only.

Therefore, we vegans, citizens of the world, solemnly call vegans, vegetarians, animal rights, antispécistes, and more generally all women and men of property to boycott all business activities of all Gianfranco Vissani the planet and ask the Italian channel lA7 condemn intolerable about the guest of the program  » in Onda  ».

Petition address to Urbano Cairo the owner of the channel LA7

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Translation : Michèle Agresti

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